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    Marketing and Management News is an in house publication of Institute of Marketing and Management. It is published monthly under the guidance of Dr. Jagjit Singh, Executive President and Sr. Professor, IMM. The M&M News is intended to give its members one source of information about the current market happenings. It contains a rich blend of articles, success stories on current marketing and management topics. The M&M news also summarizes the key events and activities in the institute each month and presents them in a clear, concise format. 

    July News Letter Contents

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    Marketology is a quarterly journal published by IMM. The purpose of ‘Marketology’ is to present state of the art papers and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between academicians and practitioners and to disseminate the results of empirical and theoretical research, policy issues, and practical applications of theory to as large an audience as possible. Although the overriding criterion for publication in ‘Marketology’ is “knowledge gain” about issues important to the economic environment of the country with special focus on marketing aspect, the Journal is open to, and indeed encourages, a wide range of emergent methods and conceptual approaches within the realm of economic development. 

    Issues that the Journal ‘Marketology’ covers include* 

    • Economics of Education

    • Population Economics 

    • Reviews of books on important issues related to management.

    • Consumer behavior and advertising

    • Marketing management, planning and strategy

    • National marketing boards

    • International marketing

    • Marketing research

    • Organization behavior and theory

    • Human resource management 

    • Production and strategic management 

    • Entrepreneurship and small business management

    • Comparative management

    • Financial reporting and disclosure 

    • Managerial accounting

    (* Note: This is just an indicative list of topics, not exhaustive) 

    Call for Research papers and submission Guidelines

    2008 Special Issue Contents

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  • YEARLY:- 

    Every year IMM publishes the ‘Year Book’ which contains the proceedings/deliberations of the annually conducted ‘World Marketing Congress. Till now IMM has hosted 36 WMC. It is an initiative to promote and facilitate partnerships between the private and the Government sector by bringing the Institutions, Government, and Enterprises together as ‘Partners in Progress’ for achieving the inclusive growth of the people and regions.

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